Accelerated Fat Burning

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(Available ONLY On Demand - Pilates Circle Not Included)

20 Minute Winsor Pilates Circle Workout

Mari introduces her body-sculpting break through- the Winsor Pilates Circle- in this brand new 20-minute workout. The Winsor Pilates Circle provides an increased level of resistance over traditional mat-based Pilates program. You'll sculpt even deeper into your core muscles and target those hard-to-come muscles- like the abs, butt, and inner and outer thighs. The Winsor Pilates Circle and Mari's unique sequencing help you to sculpt the long, lean muscles you want- all in just 20 minutes a day.  

Running time: 20 minutes 

10 Minute Sculpting Blast

As a added bonus, Mari has packed a "one two punch" of a workout in the 10 Minute Sculpting Blast routine. Designed to get your body up and moving this 10 Minute "fast blast" provides some high-energy fun. With twists, lunge combos, and roll-ups, you'll hit major muscles for a quick total body tune-up.

Running time: 10 minutes

Accelerated Fat Burning

Add Some Burn Into Your Pilates Workout! 

Mari turns on the heat and pumps up the energy in her new Winsor Pilates Accelerated Fat-Burning Workout. This fast and fun Pilates- inspired workout was created to burn more fat and calories than never before. It combines the best body sculpting moves with powerful, easy-to-follow footwork to deliver a high-energy, total body toning workout. Melt away the pounds and inches in no time! 

Running time: 50 minutes

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